I got the 2020 limited edition Starbucks Cup! 😁

  About 2 years ago, I snagged the Starbucks cup, too.  I was very happy with it! I managed to do the same thing this year, and I'm super excited about it! It's not too interesting to most others I suppose, but I just wanted to brag about  share my cup. I wouldn't call myself a collector, but I definitely enjoy having them 😊 I should probably take a better picture, and maybe put both cups side by side to compare... Weekend Project!

Google Photos discontinuing the free service.

 I feel like I predicted this quite a while ago... πŸ€” Anyway: I hate being super negative about changes like this, because ultimately I do understand that they have costs, and that the pictures aren't just ~magically~ stored somewhere for free. And I understand that they would have to charge for storage. But the thing is, they already do. If you wanted to store your original resolution photos, or 4K videos, you had to pay. This free tier was great for non-tech savvy people who wanted a backup but didn't want to/couldn't pay for online storage. The reduction in quality is minimal, and it's great in case of any accidents. Plus, Google could train their AI with all these images and videos. Win-win! Except Google seems to have realized that people can and will pay for storage, and hey, more money for Google. And if this was a single occurrence, I wouldn't be too surprised. After all, no matter how big Google is, servers aren't cheap.  But it's about the worrying

A new, updated Google Keep logo!

 It's not quite like what I expected, but it looks pretty good I think 😁

Quick prediction: Google Keep will get a new design

 Google Keep will be getting a redesign soon. They'll do what they did with Calendar and Drive. Here is my beautifully drawn imagination:

New Google App icons...

  So while I was updating my apps, I noticed that Calendar and Drive have different icons. I'm personally not a huge fan of the redesigns, but I do understand where they were going with it. It does fit in much nicer with all the other app designs. (Because a completely blue Calendar app didn't scream "Google" quite as much πŸ˜‚)

The Apple ecosystem, and some of my thoughts...

So, as you can tell from some of my recent posts, I've been trying to get all my pictures onto my iPhone/MacBook. I've been switching back and forth between Android and iPhone, so why would I care whether or not my pictures show up correctly on the iPhone? Well, because I still mainly use an iPhone. And my wife and I share a MacBook Pro (with separate user accounts). And I have an Apple Watch. And I use Airpods. And we have an Apple TV. Oh, and we have a HomePod as well. It happened slowly, over time. I started out with an iPhone 5S. My first truly GOOD smartphone. And I fell in love with Apple. Several months go by, and I need a capable laptop for school. (Admittedly, I went a little overboard, but hey, #YOLO was a thing back then πŸ˜‚) So I bought a top-spec 2015 MacBook Pro. Cool cool, all set! Several months later, my wife needs a new phone because her LG G3 is dying. So, of course, as per my recommendation, she gets an iPhone. Eventually, my iPhone 5s is showing its age, and

What is the secret on "Encrypted" in Bloons Tower Defense 6?

  Well, it's not the Sun Temple or Sun Avatar, it's not Adora, and the monkeys placed on the ends/platforms don't seem to matter too much either. (I looked into what they could represent, like the Archmage's wand, Engineer's sprockets, or the Sub Commander...) So far we haven't been able to figure it out yet! If you know what the secret is, feel free to reach out and let me know! 😁

Android HEIC/HEIF: A solution!

As I talked about in a previous post, I've been looking for a solution to my file type issue.  But, I have finally figured it out! After many hours of copy-and-pasting, converting, uploading, downloading, and transferring, I've found a solution that has completely fixed it. Your mileage might vary, however. Also, I did this on a MacBook. In theory, it should work just the same on a Windows laptop. So, first things first: I got all of my HEIC type photos and put them in a separate folder called "HEIC images". I then created another three folders called "JPEG images", "PNG images", and "MP4 videos". (Just because that seemed most clear and convenient.) I know both Mac OS and Windows allow you to sort files by File Type, and then you just drag and drop. Start by putting all the files into their respective folders. JPGs/JPEGs into "JPEG images", videos into "MP4 videos", you get the idea... I then used this program called

.heic, .heif, and the pain of sharing Android High Efficiency Image Files with iOs and Mac...

Oh boy, have I discovered yet another pain in the rear... So after fixing my previous issue with metadata, I stumbled upon another issue regarding photos and how they're all somehow incompatible... You'd think that in 2019, these sorts of issues wouldn't exist... πŸ€” Anyways, this is an ongoing issue I have, and unfortunately, as of writing this, I DO NOT have a solution. In fact, I'm running low on options here. But I want to get this out there. Maybe someone else needs help with this. Perhaps someone else has the solution. Whatever the case, it's good to have this documented, I believe. So, my issue is that I stupidly selected "save images as HEIF" on my Android phone, thinking "Hey, the iPhone has this and it's never caused any issues!" Truly, it hasn't, but I was naΓ―ve and thought for a second that standardized options existed. So, I have about 1500 HEIC/HEIF images on my Android phone, that I can't transfer to my iPhone OR my MacB

Unlocking the secret achievement "Chunky Monkeys" In Bloons Tower Defense 6

 The easy way! This achievement requires that you only use "large" monkeys, as in how much space they occupy. Pat Futsy, Helicopters, Buccaneers, Villages, etc. So how I unlocked mine was this way: Pick any easy map, and choose Deflation. (It's also possible with most other game modes, but Deflation is the quickest and easiest.) Use Pat Futsy as your hero, and set him to "Strong". Get 4 helicopters, and upgrade them to 3-2-0 (So you have Razer Rotors and IFR.) Press play, fast forward, and after a little while you'll have finished the map. Do this 10 times and the achievement will be yours! πŸŽ‰

My issue with the Asus ROG Strix G15 (G512-LW76ES) A very loud electrical whine.  My issue has already started. I wanted to love this laptop, because I did. Extremely disappointing... Guess I got a lemon, after all that time. πŸ˜”

Early update on the ROG Strix G512

 This device is amazing! And I truly do mean that. I wasn't quite sold at first, and my issues with shipping definitely didn't help. Amazing specs, solid build quality, a design that's out of this world... Really, I can't complain. I haven't ran into a single issue. And I do so desperately want to find something to complain about. But the keyboard is good, the specs are good, the touchpad is good. (Even if it is a little on the smaller side...) Gaming performance has been great, too! My only "complaint" is that the RTX 3000-series will be out by the end of the month, so in theory I could build a better/faster PC for the same price. But, it wouldn't be a laptop; I wouldn't be able to easily move it around.  I'm doing my best trying to flaws, but I just can't. If I'm not coding, I'm gaming. If I'm not gaming, I'm coding. (And some YouTube breaks here and there.) Everything looks and feels great! Can't write a proper review

Update on the new laptop (Asus ROG Strix G15)

 Finally, an update! It's supposed to arrive the 10th, that's nearly 2 months of waiting. But it's almost here! Then I can finally enjoy a better laptop, as well as figure out how they got that laptop so cheap! I can't wait! πŸŽ‰

Starting Lambda School.

Scary, yet exciting. Scarexciting? We can all agree that a degree is very nice to have. However, education doesn't come for free. Being like most Americans, I don't have thousands of dollars to put towards a college degree. Getting a loan and paying off student debts for the next several decades also doesn't seem very enjoyable. And as much as I wish I could win the lottery, that probably won't happen anytime soon either πŸ˜‚ Lambda takes the idea of college and loans, and flips it upside down! It allows people like me to escape the minimum wage trap, and get away from poverty. There's a lot of info about it online, but this post is more about my "Why". Why I decided to go with Lambda, as opposed to reiterating what Lambda is. I've always been passionate about coding. I went to a coding bootcamp nearly a decade ago, and while I highly enjoyed it, it didn't teach me enough to actually get started anywhere, unfortunately. I went and managed a vBulletin